Ramnavami or राम नवमी is birthday of Lord Rama.
Ramanavami is celebrated in month of April or May.
God Rama was born at noon.
Ram Navami marks the start of Hindu new year.
In 2013 Ramnavami is on April 20, 2013 According to Hindu Calender the day is on Shukla Paksha on the Navami (9th day) of month of Chaitra.
 Ramnavami is also known as Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami .
Before this there are Navratri and at the end on 9th day is Chaitra-Navratri which is Ram Navami.
During Navrati people eat vegetarian food, fast. bhajan Kirtan are organized. Akand Path is also organized.

Shoba yatra of Ramji, Sitaji and Hanumanji are organized in various cities specificully in Ayodha , Bhadrachalam (AP) and in Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)

As Navtari is celebrated multiple times in a year and 9th day of Navrati is called Navami. A day before Vijyadasmi is last day of Navrati and also known as Navami.

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